GCC Worship Video Audition Process

Send us a video showing your passion for leading God’s people in worship while demonstrating your ability to play and/sing skillfully. This can be done using your smartphone, tablet, webcam, or however you wish to record yourself. If you have led worship at another church and have a link to a live video of you leading a worship service, you may include it in the form below in addition to the songs we require.

You may need to use 2 devices – one to play the YouTube links to sing/play along with, and another device to record.

When recording your video, you will be playing or singing along with the YouTube video. Please use the provided YouTube links to accompany you, unless otherwise noted. Keep the volume level of the song low enough so that we are able to hear you above the music.

Please make sure the camera is giving us a good shot of your entire body playing or singing. This audition is not just about music, but about leading worship, and we want to be lead in worship by your video (John 4:23).

Audition Criteria

We will be evaluating your audition video based on the following criteria:

  • Passion – Are you showing your passion for worshipping? Are you leading the “viewer” in worship with your video?
  • Pitch and Intonation – Are you able to stay in key throughout the song? Are your notes in tune?
  • Tempo – Are you able to maintain the proper speed and timing throughout the song?
  • Rhythm – Are you able to use the appropriate strumming/picking pattern (guitars), or syncopation (all instruments and vocals) that fits well with the song?
  • Accuracy – Are you playing/singing all the parts correctly? Are you using proper phrasing?
  • Clarity and Pronunciation – Are your notes clear? Are we able to understand what you are singing/playing?
  • Dynamics – Are you using appropriate volume levels for certain parts of the song and are you able to play/sing loud and soft?
  • Harmony (vocalists only) – Are you able to consistently sing and carry a part other than the melody?

We have provided chord charts only for electric guitar, keys, acoustic guitar, and bass. Drums and vocals will need to be learned by ear.

Musician Audition songs

Vocal Audition songs


Submit Your Video

After you record yourself on your device, upload your video to an open source site to create a shareable link. YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive or any other online open source links are acceptable.

Please DO NOT send a Facebook link or other social media links and DO NOT send raw video files as the file sizes are too large to upload to the form.

Copy/paste your video link(s) into the form below. We prefer to receive all your audition songs in one video, however a separate video for each song is acceptable, so long as they are all listed on one form. Please do not submit separate forms.

After our team leaders have reviewed your audition video(s), we will contact you within 30 days to offer some feedback and to discuss the next steps. You may be asked to come back for a 2nd live audition with other members of the team, so show how you play or sing within a group setting.