Find the instrument part you wish to audition in the song list below.

[note]YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL THE SONGS LISTED FOR YOUR SPECIFIC PART, or your audition will not be complete, and your application will be delayed.[/note]

MUSICIANS – VERY IMPORTANT!! We play to a metronome for all of our songs. All musicians should practice playing with a metronome, as this will be a very important aspect in determining placement on the team. If you don’t have a metronome, there are many free apps available on smartphones/tablets you can download.

We are always looking to expand to include more instruments. If you wish to audition an instrument that is not listed, please E-mail us your request. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to E-mail us any questions you may have.


(All 3 songs)

Fast Songs

Moving Forward, by Israel Houghton & Ricardo Sanchez
Till the Walls Fall, by Martha Munizzi

Slow Song

Break Every Chain, by Jesus Culture

Electric Guitar:

(Both songs)
NOTE: Each song has multiple specific guitar parts. Please play as many as you can by ear.

You are Good, by Bethel (CHORD CHART)
I Surrender, by Hillsong (CHORD CHART)


(Both songs)
NOTE: Each song has specific piano parts. “MP” on our chord charts stands for “Main Piano”.  Please follow the band directions on the chord charts.

Alive, by Hillsong Young and Free (SHEET MUSIC)
Closer, by Bethel (CHORD CHART)


(Both songs)

Alive, by Hillsong Young and Free (SHEET MUSIC)
You Are Good, by Bethel (CHORD CHART)

Acoustic Guitar:

(Both songs)

Good, Good Father, by Housefires (CHORD CHART)
Broken Vessels, by Hillsong (CHORD CHART)


(Both songs)

Wake, by Hillsong Young & Free (CHORD CHART)
Here as in Heaven, by Elevation Worship (CHORD CHART)