Activate School of Ministry

Activate Your Purpose.

Activate is a school of ministry that empowers Christians seeking a deeper purpose. Over the past two years, our students have grown in confidence, embracing their identity and God's calling. We believe that every life holds a unique purpose and passions waiting to be ignited.

Join us at Activate to uncover your true self and divine calling. You'll make progress in fulfilling your unique purpose and gain practical strategies to realize your vision. Through encounters with God, we unveil blueprints for your destiny. We'll also stimulate your creativity and imagination, permitting you to dream big. Activate sets the foundation for your confident launch into purpose.

Rediscover yourself.
Find clarity.
Start living out your destiny.

Classes & Intensives

New Creation Realities

Holy Spirit & His Gifts


Relationship with God

Prophetic Focus


Bride of Christ


Seven Spheres


Grace: Empowering Presence


We are a school of ministry that helps you become active in their own purpose.

I had some ideas already, but activate is where she realized this is a ministry, even if it doesn't sound like it on the surface. travel, healthy families, and rest. Before Activate, I would have thought this would be a fun idea or small group, but I discovered this is actually a legit ministry or organization that I can dream of with God. I'm not resisting it now because I've discovered that this was something for me to do.

Bobbi B.

Activate gave me the confidence to go to the next level. Since Activate, I am now a social worker with young moms, and I love the connections and favor I've experienced. connections with the city. Activate really filled me with confidence and expanded what I believed God wanted to do with my ministry.

Sabrina L.

Important Details

Registration is now closed for the 2023-24 school year.