Week 4: Praying for the Prodigals to Come Home

Releasing the Father's Love Over Your Prodigal

There is nothing in all of creation as powerful as the love of our Father in heaven. God's love can transform lives in the most unexpected ways, using any interaction to touch hearts. Whether awake or asleep, no matter where they are or what they are doing, His presence is there.

The most amazing part? He meets them right where they are.

Reflect on Psalm 139:1–18, which beautifully illustrates God's omnipresence and intimate knowledge of us. His love is all-encompassing and ever-present.

Pray: Send laborers, Lord! Send laborers! Send those filled with the love of God to encounter my prodigal. Show them the immense depth of the love you have for them.

Declare: I release the love of the Father over my prodigal, and the goodness of God overtakes them.

Trust in His power to move, and watch His love change everything.

This month's prayer focus, Praying for Prodigals to Come Home, is based on the book "Come Home" by Tim Sheets and Rachel Shafer. If you would like a copy, the book is available on Amazon.