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About Transformation Ministries

We center around health in your inner world and connect you to a clean and pure connection to the spirit through encounter-driven healing. We believe that immersion in God's love reveals an awakened self, and people are transformed into the fullness of life.

For over 5 years, we’ve seen hundreds of lives healed and transformed through healing their inner world and connection to God. Many experience physical and spiritual healing during and after a session. We’ve seen freedom from spiritual oppression and a restored relationship with God where they can hear and talk with Him. There has been freedom through forgiveness from decades of unforgiveness.


Prism is an encounter-driven session that can bring healing to men and women. When we encounter the truth of God's love and compassion, the truth awakens our hearts and brings us to freedom. Prism is a special process of tapping into our imagination and inviting the trinity into our situations and memories.

We invite God to show himself through those memories, allowing healing to take place inside them. Our team is trained to be sensitive to how the Holy Spirit wants to show up in each session. We ask the Holy Spirit which direction to go next—and what He wants to do—and He leads us gently through each step of the process.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance is available to walk you through your situation with the Holy Spirit. Often, in processing, the Holy Spirit will bring clarity and insight that perhaps you haven't seen before.

Whether you are seeking direction, hearing another perspective, or seeking insight, our spiritual guidance is created to unlock truth and direction.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a discipleship ministry that helps you discover your God-created identity. We know there's no timeline for healing, but we also know that connection with other people is the key that unlocks our purpose and reveals who we were created to be. We were created for connection.

We equip you to hear God's voice and have a life-changing relationship with Him. We unlock areas of your life that have been stuck. Through teaching and discipleship, we uncover your God-given identity; then we focus on hearing God's voice and deepening your relationship with him; finally, we empower you to acknowledge areas in your life where breakthrough is needed—marriage, parenting, finances, communication, time management, boundaries, and organization—and create a plan with Holy Spirit and discipleship.

We believe you are capable of more than you think.

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