At Grace, your kids are going to have a blast. Whether they're a few weeks old or almost a teenager there is a loving safe place for them to have fun and grow in God. Your kids will develop a foundation in faith that allows them to know and love our good Father while learning to follow Holy Spirit. No junior Holy Spirit here! 



Newborn through 5 years old

From newborn through 5 years old, we minister God’s love to children through music, bible stories, coloring, games and fun. Jesus loves children and so do we!


Preschool through 5th Grade
Meets in the Yellow Room - 11AM Service
Our Sensory Room offers a warm and enjoyable learning space for children seeking extra support in understanding God's love and discovering their purpose. Equipped with tools commonly found in Occupational Therapy gyms, such as swings, crash pillows, fidgets, and a ball pit, our classroom caters to diverse learning needs. The curriculum, crafted by a Speech-Language Pathologist, imparts spiritual truths in a concrete manner, avoiding abstract language. Our daily activities include lessons on spiritual truths, creative projects, worship, and a dedicated time for prayer. Emphasizing fellowship and friendships, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for our children.


6 years through 5th grade

Grace Kids is where the power of a real relationship with God starts and where the threat of a life built on the lies of the enemy ends. God uses Grace Kids to develop faith in kids that will never leave them in times of trouble; a faith that will never fail them through life’s trials and will lead them on a constant journey of growth, knowledge, blessings and victory.

It is about His kids grasping the truth of the Gospel and living out that truth into adulthood, all the while transforming the body of Christ and every environment just by living out their faith in Him! This is a place where God is made real, where Jesus is known and understood, where they will develop a relationship with Him that involves their spirit soul and body as they walk out what they learn.


when do we meet?

Sundays 9AM & 11:00 AM